Application for First Home Owner Grant

Applicants can use this portal to lodge an application for the First Home Owner Grant or pre-approval for the First Home Owner Rate of Duty directly with RevenueWA.

Applications lodged through this portal must be made by an applicant. Applications lodged by a third party, such as a broker or settlement agent, cannot be accepted.

To apply with the Approved Agent providing your finance, please contact your lender.

How to apply

To lodge an application, you will need to provide information about each applicant, spouse or de facto partner, as well as the home that you are purchasing or building.

When you submit your application, each applicant, spouse or de facto partner will receive a summary of the information provided, along with a Unique Identification Number (UIN).

You will then need to upload supporting documentation for RevenueWA to review.

Please read the Declaration carefully before submitting your application.

Lodgement guide

Refer to the First Home Owner Grant Lodgement Guide for explanations of terms used in this application, as well as important information about your eligibility and obligations.

Forms and Publications

Visit the First Home Owner Grant Forms and Publications page to access:

  • First Home Owner Grant and Rate of Duty fact sheets
  • F-FHOG - Valuation Form
  • FHOG Form - Statutory Declaration and
  • Further information about how the Commissioner will make decisions about some situations.

Need help?

Please contact us if you require assistance.

Start here

Before you begin, please answer the following questions.

Is your bank or credit union lodging the First Home Owner Grant application on your behalf?
Have you entered into a contract to build or purchase a home in Western Australia or, if you are an owner builder, commenced construction of a home (i.e. laying of foundations) in Western Australia?
NOTE: Eligibility for owner builder applications cannot be determined until construction of the home is completed. A valuation of the completed home may be required.
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