Application for First Home Owner Grant

Use this page to lodge an application for the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) in South Australia.

Applying for the First Home Owner Grant

In the majority of cases, the bank or credit union that is providing your finance (an Approved Agent) will lodge the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) application form on your behalf. Make sure you check with them that they are lodging it for you.

Only lodge your application with us if an Approved Agent is not lodging the FHOG application form on your behalf.

To lodge an application, you will need to provide information about each applicant.

When you create your application, an application identification number will be displayed. If you need to contact us about your application, please quote the application identification number.

Please note: an email address can only be used for one application.

After submitting your application, you will receive an acknowledgement message. You will then be able to upload your supporting documentation for RevenueSA to review. Applications will only be considered once all relevant supporting documentation has been provided.

Lodgement Guide

Before completing this application we recommend that you read the FHOG Lodgement Guide. This will outline the eligibility criteria and provide you with what supporting documentation you need to lodge. It will also explain terms used in this application.

Start here

Before you begin, please answer the following questions.

Is your bank or credit union lodging the First Home Owner Grant application on your behalf?
Have you entered into a contract for the purchase of a new home in South Australia, entered into a contract to have a home built in South Australia, or in the case of an owner builder, commenced construction of a home (i.e. laying of foundations) in South Australia?
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